George Gordon's School of Common Law

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Note from the WebMaster:

January 5, 2015.

I became the webmaster for George Gordon at his direction, on his verbal commitment, in anticipation of being compensated fairly and justly. Now that George has passed on, claims are being made of which I have no knowledge. Also, the first and only offer from the widow Gordon was inadequate, paltry and very unlike George. As I await further negotiation, I look forward to the widow Gordon's fairness and justness. When that transpires, the domain will transfer to the satisfaction of the widow Gordon.

For the time being, I am the owner of the George Gordon website and I am retaining it "as if by a mechanics lien" in American law. I put a demonstrable amount of skilled work into maintaining and upgrading the website. Hopefully the widow Gordon, her agents and assigns will come to realize that fair and just compensation for labor is commanded in God's Law. I wait to hear from the widow Gordon to settle this matter.

I will update readers in this box as is appropriate.

George Gordon passed away August 30, 2014

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If you are interested in reaching out to other like minded people, please contact us at the new email address above. Check this website regularly; there will be a forum soon for discussion of everything of interest to George Gordon's listeners.

About the School

George Gordon said while he was still alive that when he died, his School would die with him, as only he could teach it. His widow has stated she is willing to continue selling and teaching George's courses.

For some years, one of George's former students has provided many of the benefits of George's school at an alternative Law School. Where the George Gordon School of Common Law provided the Rolls Royce experience at Rolls Royce prices, the Erwin Rommel School of Law is like the Volkswagen; it gets you there, at an affordable price.

Peter Simpson was a student of George in 1993. Click: Erwin Rommel School of Law

Listen to George's Audio Recordings FREE

All the original audio recordings are still available for free.

NEW RECORDINGS Before his death, George's partner Dirk informed me that George made about 200 audio files that still need to be put into the computer and uploaded to the website. In a series of odd circumstances, I, as George's webmaster, never received those files. Then George died.

Links of Interest for George's Listeners

Over the years, George has touched many lives. Many of George's teachers, mentors, students, fans, and associates have set up their own websites, with material of common interest. George never endorsed these websites or their contents. The websites listed here don't agree with George Gordon on every detail. But they agree with George on the fundamentals of the Faith of Israel, the Hebrew faith passed down by Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and those who came after to our day.

The topics on the websites cover a wide range of things, health, law, religion, and more. The readers employment of the information on the websites below, is the responsibility of the reader only. No warrantee or guarantee is expressed or implied.

More Links

Links in this section are students, fans, and other content related to George, but not necessarily in favor of the Law of God. Or even religious at all.

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